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Cantilever racking is multi-level, high-density storage racks designed to handle hundreds of different types and sizes of products with freedom from column or upright interference.

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Why Cantilever Storage Racks?

Ideal for Long, Heavy, Unwieldy and Bulky Loads

Industrial Pallet Rack Inc. sells a complete line of Cantilever Storage Racks which are ideal for storing tubes, bar stock, lumber, or other long, heavy, unwieldy, or bulky loads. Rack single sided and double sided uprights are available. The cantilevers vertical columns are available from 8' to 20' and buyers are very pleased with the increased storage capacity. Both inclined and straight cantilever arms are available with an arm length of 12 inch to 60 inch. Two bases/columns, one brace set, and arms are required to make one free-standing starter unit. Additional sections can be added to starter units by purchasing one additional base/column, one brace set, and another set of arms. All components are sold individually or as a complete package.

Starter Cantilever Rack Components
Starter Cantilever Rack Components
Starter Cantilever Rack
Starter Cantilever Rack
Starter Cantilever Rack + Add on Rack
Starter Cantilever Rack + Add on Rack

We realize one size does NOT fit all. When you contact us to order a cantilever rack system, your support team member will listen to your needs, assess your challenges, and work with our design engineer to create a superior storage solution specific to your situation. The size, shape and weight of your product, combined with the physical characteristics of your storage space and equipment, will drive the development of your unique solution. Our cantilever storage racks specifications eliminate the possibility of deflection or sagging. As the optimal storage solution for lengthy or odd-shaped loads, cantilever racks easily hold lumber, tubes, fabric rolls, steel pipes, PVC, and other long objects. Choose a straight cantilever arm with the correct length and dimension to safely store flat materials like lumber racks, or choose the correct length and dimensions in an inclined cantilever arm to safely store round items like steel piping.

Cantilever uses steel beams for the uprights, bases, and arms of the rack. Depending on the weight of your items going on the racks, we choose either "Roll-Formed" or "structural I Beam" construction. Roll Formed cantilever is created using coiled sheet metal that is rolled into the necessary shape. A structural I Beam cantilever is more heavy-duty and has a higher capacity than Roll Formed cantilever. The two styles are not interchangeable. Roll-Formed cantilever rack towers and arms have a tubular steel design. Roll-Formed will be less expensive to purchase but are limited in the amount of weight that they can support. Structural I Beam cantilever provide much greater load capacities. Cantilever Storage Racks and all accessories are available for sale in our Fort Lauderdale, Fl. location. Cantilever storage systems and components are available for sale in both medium duty and heavy duty rack applications.

Double Side Cantilever Rack with straight 12 inch arms
Double Side Cantilever Rack with straight 12 inch arms
  • Cantilever Storage Racks are based on our customer's specific storage needs.

  • Heavily constructed, available with many arm lengths, angles, & style options.

  • Adjustable vertically in 3” increments, these racks have bolted arm connections.

  • Cantilever Racking Systems increase storage capacity, make good use of limited space, and are extremely cost-effective.

  • Free's up floor space and organizes your materials making your storage operations safer & faster.

  • With cantilever racking systems, you multiply your vertical storage capacity by every row. Expanding your storage space can maximize your facility’s material storage capabilities. You have the ability to extend your storage capacity without using any additional floor space.

Cantilever racks are the perfect heavy duty storage shelving that was designed specifically for increased storage capacity of long and bulky items, or materials like a conduit, copper tubing, lumber, metal pipe, plywood, PVC Pipe, steel bars, and more. Not only good for long and bulky items, but a cantilever system is also excellent for storing large heavy items such as boats, furniture, jet skis, karts, motorcycles, many large heavy items that are too large for other industrial storage solutions. A cantilever rack has the ability to increase storage capacity so many different types of products, a cantilever storage rack is often referred to as a "specific use rack or racking" such as boat storage rack, bar storage racks, furniture storage racks, jet ski racks, lumber racks, motorcycle racks. The flexibility of the cantilever rack makes it an extremely popular storage choice with a near-immediate return on investment.

Cantilever Racks Are Storage For: in white
Cantilever Racks for Lumber
Cantilever Racks for Lumber

  • Rolls of Carpeting

  • Electrical Wire Racks

  • PVC Piping Racks

  • Copper Pipe Racks

  • Steel Bar Racks

  • Lumber Racks

  • Plywood Racks

  • Sheet Steel Racks

  • Boat Racks

  • Jet Ski Racks

  • Motorcycle Racks

  • Furniture Racks

  • Auto Salvage Yard

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