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Looking for pallet racks near Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Our Fort Lauderdale location provides great prices on pallet racks and all warehouse racking. Visit our Fort Lauderdale location or call (954)205-4071 and place an order. We have fast truck delivery anywhere in the state of Florida.

Pallet Racking is the most popular type of warehouse storage used today. With a wide variety of pallet rack styles and sizes to choose from, it is commonly used by manufacturer's, warehouses and distribution centers for industrial storage. Warehouse racking begins with upright frames and beams.

Buying Pallet Racks For Your Warehouse

If you are buying a pallet racks for your warehouse the first thing you need is the Pallet Rack Uprights also called the Pallet Rack Upright Frames. They are the vertical structures that dictate the height and depth of the pallet racking system. For a single pallet rack structure, you need to purchase two upright frames. Once the first rack is in place, you buy only one upright frame to add on to the current rack. You can purchase upright frames in regular framing or heavy duty framing depending on the strength and weight capacity needed.

The Elements of Simple Pallet Racks

The Elements of a Simple Pallet Rack System

Pallet Rack Beams are the horizontal weight-bearing structures that connects the upright frames to each other. The beams come in different lengths and size depending on the size of the pallet racking needed and the weight and dimensions of the items that will be stored on the racks.

Pallet Racks also come in two different styles. You will see step style and box style. This allows the use of optional over the top shelving, also called decking, or drop in support decking. Pallet rack beams can be adjusted to whatever height is needed and can easily readjusted to a different height level for future changing needs. Once the warehouse racking is put together there are a multitude of accessories and components that can customize the system to fit the individual needs of the storage area or the warehouse space.

When buying your Pallet Rack System there are a load of warehouse accessories and components:

Wire Decking adds a pallet shelf mesh layer over the beams so that items don't fall through and to add strength.

Post Protectors to protect the base of the upright frames from forklifts and wood pallets from damage.

Wall ties, Back-to-Back Ties and Anchors to attach the racking to the wall or another rack for additional stability.

Safety Panels and Safety Straps to add to the sides or back of the racking system,so that stored items don't fall off.

Spacers and Pallet Supports to add to the stability and integrity of the system.

Our Inventory includes a wide variety of new & used warehouse storage rack brands, styles and sizes to suit any industrial storage space. We also carry a wide assortment of accessories and components to add on to, or to customize current warehouse rack systems. A.I.T. has over 25 years of experience in all types of new and used pallet racking. A large amount of stock is always on hand for both light duty and heavy duty beams, column uprights and racking accessories.

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Whether you need Used Pallet Racking, or you need New Pallet Racking. Perhaps you are looking for Boltless shelving, Cantilever Racking, Pushback Rack Pallet Flow, Drive-In Rack or Warehouse Mezzanines. Warehouse Rack Accessories for your exising racking, or do you need a more high density system? Using Push Back Racking or Drive-In Racking may be your companies solution. A.I.T. Industrial Pallet Racking can solve all your material handling needs quickly and at the best possible pricing. Dedicated to delivering the personal service that all of our Shelving and Racking customers have come to expect, we offer expertise and solutions tailored to each customer. Our knowledge of every form of warehouse racking and warehouse shelving will give you the edge in maximizing your warehouse space. A.I.T's most important objective is for you to receive quality products at competitive prices, and with service you can depend on. We can guide you through every step to get the essential pallet racking you need. You can either pick up, or use our fast truck delivery.

A.I.T.'s services include complicated Racking Systems to Warehouse storage equipment. Heavy warehouse equipment such as Fork Lifts,Dock Equipment, all types of shelving, rolling ladders, and much more.

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Example of a Drive In Pallet Rack System
Example of a Drive In Pallet Rack System

Here's what a Warehouse Rack System Looks Like
Here's what a Warehouse Rack System Looks Like

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Warehouse Racks Used For Automotive Tires

Warehouse Wire Cable Rack
Warehouse Wire Cable Rack

Warehouse Racks Used for Boat Storage
Warehouse Racks Used for Boat Storage

Warehouse Mezzanine Rack Storage System Warehouse Mezzanine Rack Storage System

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