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Cantilever racking is multi-level, high-density storage racks designed to handle hundreds of different types and sizes of products with freedom from column or upright interference.

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Cantilever Rack Components

Cantilever storage rack components allow the user to design the storage rack to fit the user's needs perfectly. Choose the correct length of straight cantilever arm for flat materials like for lumber racks, or choose the correct length inclined cantilever arm to prevent movement of round items like steel piping. Cantilever Racks can be roll formed (standard) and structural racks. Cantilever racks come both in "Roll-Formed" and "structural". Roll-formed will be less expensive to purchase but are limited in the amount of weight that they can support. Structural Racks are made from one piece of steel and provide much greater load capacities.

Cantilever Uprights and Base One-Sided and Two-Sided
Cantilever Uprights and Base One-Sided and Double-Sided
NOTE: Cantilever Base Legs Run in Both Directions on Double-Sided Rack

Cantilever UprightsThe cantilever uprights are the vertical support columns that are the strong backbone of the cantilever rack. Uprights are made to accept both straight and inclined arms. Cantilever bases and arms attach to the uprights to complete the cantilever racking system. Uprights are available in single or double sided configurations. Single sided cantilever racks allow material to be stored on the front side of the storage system only. With double sided uprights, storage is on both the front and backside of the upright rack. Choose either 8’, 10’, 12’ or 16’ height.

CAUTION: Some single sided cantilever uprights have holes that can bolt arms on both sides. You must consider the components of the entire system. NEVER install arms on the backside of a single sided cantilever rack. Even if the upright has holes to hold arms on both sides, this is a very dangerous practice and should be avoided at all costs.

Cantilever Base The cantilever base is exactly what it sounds like. It is the base or foot of the cantilever Upright. Bases are constructed of high-strength Structural I-Beam Steel. They can be used to store another level of material on the floor. They typically are the same length as the cantilever arm that is being used, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. They do have to match whatever upright dimension you are using. Purchased as a set with the Cantilever Uprights, two base/columns are required to equal a bay. Choose your base according to base length (arm's length can not exceed base length). If you have any more questions, give us a call.

Meco 1000 Medium Duty Straight Cantilever Arms
Meco 1000 Medium Duty Straight Cantilever Arms
Straight arms up to 48 inches long have minimum pitch of 3/8" per foot to compensate for deflection. 54" & 60" arms have a minimum pitch of 5/8" per foot.

Meco 1000 Medium Duty Incline Cantilever Arms
Meco 1000 Medium Duty Incline Cantilever Arms
Inclined arms have a pitch of 20 degrees or approximately 4.36 inches per foot.

Cantilever Arms Cantilever rack arms come in many lengths. They also are available in both straight and inclined to hold goods that could easily roll-off. For straight arms there are arms that have a "lip" available, that attaches to the end of the arm to prevent loads from slipping off of the front of the rack arms. The cantilever rack arms attach to the cantilever uprights at the desired heights to create the shelving levels that will be used for storage, similar to the horizontal beams that would attach to pallet rack vertical beams. Note: For Safety NEVER have the arm lengths longer than the base length. Cantilever arms may be smaller to equal the length of your cantilever base.

Meco Cantilever Braces
Meco Cantilever Braces

Cantilever Rack Braces X-Bracing keeps your cantilever towers braced and sturdy. Different height towers require different x-brace / horizontal setups. Braces are structural channel members that are bolted between pairs of uprights to provide lateral stability to the cantilever racking. X-bracing is utilized to increase the lateral stability of the taller (15' to 20') uprights. Brace lengths are measured from centerline of upright to the centerline of the next upright and are sold in sets rather than individual pieces. The load must be supported by enough arms to prevent load deflection. Deflection may cause damage to the load being stored as well as the arms.

Design Your Cantilever Rack System

As with every other racking storage solution, getting it right is understanding the load. Knowing what will be on the shelves. and the total weight is all the important factors. In order to have a safe and efficient cantilever rack system, it is first important to think about what will be stored, the size of the load (Length, Depth & Height), and the weight capacity necessary to support your load. Whether you’re storing furniture, steel bars, pipe, lumber, or a different long and heavy item. Click the link below, for instructions on designing your cantilever rack system.

For more information on Designing Your Cantilever Rack System, check out --- "Design Your Cantilever Rack System" - CLICK HERE

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